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School Communications

School closures (snow days, ped. days, strikes, and emergencies), bus-service disruptions, important communications & reminders.

Municipal Alerts

Important communications from your selected city, including drinking-water advisories and collection-service disruptions & reminders.

Neighbourhood Watch

Post & receive crime updates in your home radius, including breaking & entering, property theft, & police bulletins.

Missing Person / Lost Child

Children can sometimes wander away. Notify people in your radius in those first few minutes. Receive missing-person alerts based only on your selected location.

Severe Weather

Critical weather advisories only, including major storms, flood warnings, hurricane warnings, and wild-fire warnings.

Public Transportation Disruptions

Receive public transportation network disruptions – major lines only (subways, trains, and trams).

AMBER Alerts

CoreFeed is proud to partner with AmberAlert ® and help re-disseminate these critical alerts.

Lost Pet

Advise neighbours who can help in the search. Circulate a description quickly and efficiently, and automatically notify local shelters & vets.

  • Streamline Your Feed


    One single app that pools important notifications from your community, and allows you to customize critical alerts that matter most to you. Replaces multiple apps by capturing feeds from different sources, and displays only the essential alerts all in one app.

    How it works
  • Build a Safer Community


    Report criminal activity and ensure your community is safer by being well-informed. Strengthen your block by helping to locate missing children and lost pets. When the call for help is initiated in your vicinity, why not go for a walk. Neighbourhood watch re-invented.

    How it works
  • Simple to use


    Designed for it’s ease of use, we pride ourselves on a simple and crisp user experience. Easy sign-up, customize your preferences, and start receiving concise alerts from your direct area only. No comments and no cat-videos, we promise.

    How it works

Simplified Solutions

Platforms for administrators to better reach your audience


Secure and efficient communication platform for school administrators to better reach parents and guardians


Proper communication is essential, and cities must adapt with changing technologies. We will provide you with a customizable message-delivery platform which enables you to better reach your residents

Public Transportation

Reach your riders more efficiently by integrating with our app and automating important communications about major disruptions.

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Our Vision

Our mission is to deliver essential notifications to communities in a customized alert-delivery system. Our goals are to inform neighbours about criminal activity, to help locate lost children, to help find lost pets, and to distribute essential community alerts in a simplified presentation. Our focus is to improve public safety and streamline critical communications with sources that matter most to you.

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