Our Story

We’ve chatted with neighbours about local break-ins, we’ve posted lost-pet notices on telephone polls. We’ve stood patiently by the radio waiting to hear about school closures and public transporation disruptions. We’ve come home to find boil-water notice at our front door from the city. There’s got to be a better way to do this. Striving for an efficient alert delivery system, we created CoreFeed.

Our Vision

Our mission is to deliver essential notifications to communities in a customized alert delivery system. Our goals are to save children, to help find lost pets, to inform neighbours about criminal activity, and to distribute essential community alerts in a simplified presentation. Our focus is to improve public safety and streamline critical communications with sources that matter most to you.

Core Values


Encourage collaboration by helping to shape a safer community. Neighbourhood watch re-invented.


Improve lives and increase public safety by utilizing modern technology. Provide communities with efficient and customizable communication delivery systems.


Responsible for matters closest to your heart. We help find missing children and locate lost pets.

Contact Us

1-888-915-CORE (2673)
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