Steps to follow to start using the app

1. Download and Register

Visit the Apple App Store and download. Register manually or use your Facebook or Google accounts to speed up the sign-up process.

2. Personalize your Feed

Customize your settings so only to receive the alerts that matter to you most. Set your radius and tailor your alerts.

3. Receive important notifications

Receive only the notifications within your radius according to your chosen settings. Essential alerts delivered as push notifications, with additional details within the app.

4. Post neighborhood watch events

Strengthen your community by posting criminal activity. It's as easy as dropping a pin and selecting a few drop-downs. Share important information with your neighbours anonymously or as a witness.

Customize Your Feed

Receive only the alerts that matter most to you

School Communications

School closures (snow days, ped. days, strikes, and emergencies), bus-service disruptions, important communications & reminders.

Municipal Alerts

Important communications from your selected city, including drinking-water advisories and collection-service disruptions & reminders.

Neighbourhood Watch

Post & receive crime updates in your home radius, including breaking & entering, property theft, & police bulletins.

Missing Person / Lost Child

Children can sometimes wander away. Notify people in your radius in those first few minutes. Receive missing-person alerts based only on your selected location.

Severe Weather

Critical weather advisories only, including major storms, flood warnings, hurricane warnings, and wild-fire warnings.

Public Transportation Disruptions

Receive public transportation network disruptions – major lines only (subways, trains, and trams).

AMBER Alerts

CoreFeed is proud to partner with AmberAlert ® and help re-disseminate these critical alerts.

Lost Pet

Advise neighbours who can help in the search. Circulate a description quickly and efficiently, and automatically notify local shelters & vets.

Simplified Solutions

Platforms for administrators to better reach your audience


Secure and efficient communication platform for school administrators to better reach parents and guardians


Proper communication is essential, and cities must adapt with changing technologies. We will provide you with a customizable message-delivery platform which enables you to better reach your residents

Public Transportation

Reach your riders more efficiently by integrating with our app and automating important communications about major disruptions.

Help improve communication

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We’re committed to restricting the alerts and notifications that you receive to those that are essential in nature. By sticking to important communications, you will not be bombarded with useless push notifications, only the essential ones (which happen less-frequently). In addition, as our user-base grows and more of your neighbours sign-up, you will start to see an increase in alerts. The more neighbours that share, the stronger we are as a community.

Our goal is to register as many schools and municipalities as possible, which is why we are offering our basic communication platforms for free. If you would like to have your municipality or school registered to provide alerts & notifications through CoreFeed, please contact us and we will be happy to reach out to them on your behalf.

Download the app through either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, and follow the sign-up instructions within the app itself. You will be prompted to input your basic information and create an account (email and password). Unfortunately, we have not enabled the sign-up process via our website just yet (coming soon).

Each alert-type is customizable, and can easily be switched on or off. Alerts for Neighbourhood watch events are received only for your pre-set radius, and communications from schools and municipalities are only received from those that you select (subject to them being registered with CoreFeed).

The integrity and reliability of the alerts and notifications are paramount. Because many types of alerts are inputted directly by users, and other types of alerts are inputted directly from your municipality and your children’s schools, we cannot control the reliability of the information. Our app provides for a “report abuse” functionality which will allow us to remove offensive or inaccurate posts.

Because our focus is on major weather advisories only, the weather warnings are those primarily issued by the national weather (i.e. Environment Canada), with additional advisories issued by provincial/state and municipal bodies (subject to availability).

The basic version of the app is free, and allows you to set only one “home” location, of which this radial point will be the location that all alerts will based upon (for example, all alerts have a default radius of 2 km from your set home location). The premium app (coming soon) will be offered on an annual subscription basis, and will allow each user to set two additional locations. The premium app will allow you to receive alerts on a family member’s location, a vacation property, or your work location.

Because we recognize that growing families may have children in different schools, both versions of the app (free & premium) will be enabled to receive alerts & notifications for up to four schools. As for your municipality or city, the free app will provide for one municipal registration, and the Premium app will allow for an additional two municipal registrations (i.e. receive alerts & notifications for up to 3 cities). All municipal and school registrations are subject to the that organization being registered with CoreFeed.

Different alerts will remain “active” for different periods of time. Certain alerts will remain active while they are in effect (i.e. boil water-advisories, lost child, lost pet), while other alerts will expire after a default period so not to clutter your feed.

Your security and privacy and are of the utmost importance to us. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service for further details.

In the event of a lost child emergency, we strongly encourage you to contact the police as a first response. If your immediate search is unsuccessful, the goal is to mobilize neighbors (using the CoreFeed App) in the area to keep a watchful eye and to potentially assist in the search. By populating your child’s details in advance, you’ll be able to quickly post an alert while you continue your search. Pets are family too, and having their description pre-loaded can speed up the process of alerting other users in the area.

We have not yet developed the technology for an early-warning zombie-detection system, but our R&D department is working hard on developing one, with 95% of our R&D budget allocated towards zombie-related technologies. We hope to have this type of alert ready for Halloween, with a Santa Claus proximity-detection ready for December.